Corio Bay Challenge

Corio Bay in Summer

Event Gallery - June 29, 2024

Below are numerous photos taken for the June 29, 2024 tournament. Image include preview table layout concepts, Table set ups before the first round, and from rounds 1 and 2.

Preview Table Layout - Ruined Village

This table would represent a woodcutters logging camp in the middle of a forest.

Preview Table Layout - Woodcutters Logging Camp

This table would represent a logging camp in the forest.

Preview Table Layout - Desert Military Camp

This table would represent a military camp in an area of desert.

Preview Table Layout - Ruined Farm

This table would represent a ruined and overgrown farm.

Preview Table Layout - Battlefield of the past

This table would represent an old network of trenches from past battles.

Pre Tournament Table Layouts

Round 1 Images

Round 2 Images

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