Corio Bay Challenge

Corio Bay in Summer

Hobby & Creative Information

Conversions & Proxies

Conversions of models are encouraged, provided that the converted model clearly represents the intended model, with the same type of weapon and base size.

Proxies are permitted for models that are in the Warmachine App but have not been released for sale at the time of the event. Again the proxy model should clearly resemble the intended models general attributes, Cavalry model for a cavalry model, light cohort model for a light cohort model. Ideally the model should also be equipped with similar weapons, even if just Blu-tacked onto the base. The Proxy model must also NOT be from the same army, to avoid confusion for the opponents.

Best Painted Parade

Players who wish to be considered for the Best Painted Award are asked to present their army on a table during the lunch period, with their name in front of the army.

Players will vote for Best Painted through an online form during and shortly after the Lunch break.

The use of a display board is not required, but is not discouraged either, if you wish to make that effort for the presentation of your army.

Iona faces off against Lylyth on a bridge

Contact Corio Bay Challenge

Address: Geelong Guides Hall 33 Myers Street, Geelong. Victoria, Australia.

Events held on the 5th Saturday of the Month (April - November)
Dates in 2024 are 29th June, 31st August, and 30th November.
Dates in 2025 are 31st May, 30th August, and 29th November.