Corio Bay Challenge

Corio Bay in Summer

Event Specific Information

Longshanks Logo

Game Result Record Keeping – Longshanks

The tournament results will be entered into the Longshanks platform by one of the players, with the verification of the other player before submitting. If an error is detected before the start of the next round and the organiser is informed, the result will be corrected. In the event of an error that can no longer be corrected, the tournament will continue as planned, so please ensure that reporting is accurate.

Wi-Fi Availability

Unfortunately there will not be Wi-Fi available at the venue.

Streaming & Photography

In the future the organiser would like to be able to stream some of the games from the event. This will NOT be occurring at this stage, but multiple photos will be taken over the course of the tournament to promote and share the event with the wider community.

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Game System & Steamroller

The Corio Bay Challenge is run under the official Warmachine game system, as published by Privateer Press, and will use the Steamroller 2024 (SR2024) rules, also published by Privateer Press.
One additional rule will be in place for the event.

Bulldoze the Building:

Huge Based models (120mm) with the Bulldoze special rule can utilise the Trample Power Attack to smash through buildings and ruins, if they move 3” or more prior to making base contact with the building. If the building is an open ruin and has models within it when the Huge Based model tramples the building, those models will be moved to the edge of the models base, suffer the Knocked Down condition, and suffer a POW 10 damage roll. The damage rolls are not considered to have been caused by an attack and are simultaneous damage rolls.

Steamroller Objectives

Steamroller Objective Markers

Players are encouraged to bring their own Objective, Flag, and Cache markers to the event, ideally themed to match their chosen army.

The organiser will have a limited number of sets available to loan to players who do not have their own Steamroller Objective Markers.

Each table will also include 2 sets of coloured bases to position the appropriate Scenario elements and for each players objectives to be placed upon at the start of the game.

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List Building

Each list must comply with the restrictions with the SR2024 rules document, and not exceed 100 points.

A player may choose to bring a second army list from the same Army, following all standard restrictions, and must not have the same Leader model. The second list is not required to be played during the event.

Players must ensure that their army list clearly specifies all command cards, defences selected, and character bonds and attachments.

Players must use the Warmachine App for list building and sharing army lists on Longshanks.

Rounds & Time

The Corio Bay Challenge will run over a single day of 3 rounds.

Round timings will use the Death Clock system, with 60 minutes allowed to each player, and a total round time allowance of an additional 15 minutes, as detailed previously.

Chess Clocks

Players are encouraged to bring a Chess Clock to the event, as the organiser presently has access to only 4 Chess Clocks

Warmachine Guard Tower model

Guard Towers & Bunkers

The event will not use the special rules for Guard Towers and Bunkers.

The organiser does not own any and has not yet made any.

Damage Tracking

Players are welcome to use homemade damage tracking aids, provided that the aids can be confirmed and cross referenced with the Warmachine App.

Models in multi-wound units must be clearly identified on the model which model is A, B, C etc, so that players can easily track which models have previously been damaged.

Warmachine App Logo

Warmachine App

Players must use the most current data set within the Warmachine App for all rules. If a players device fails during a game, and the game state is non-recoverable, that player forfeits the game with a Caster Kill result.

Contact Corio Bay Challenge

Address: Geelong Guides Hall 33 Myers Street, Geelong. Victoria, Australia.

Events held on the 5th Saturday of the Month (April - November)
Dates in 2024 are 29th June, 31st August, and 30th November.
Dates in 2025 are 31st May, 30th August, and 29th November.